About Us

At Voyage Technologies, we are committed to high-performance solutions tailored to our customers' needs. Hardware options range from brand name equipment-IBM, Cisco, HP/Compaq, Dell, and Sun-both new and refurbished to reliable "white box" systems. Our software offerings, including NexentaStor, are designed to provide enterprise-level performance at a fraction of the cost of typical enterprise implementations.

We offer expert professional services and partner with industry expert Ian Sandler to provide needs analysis and design consulting, ensuring that systems fit your strategic and operational needs. The result is IT operations that support your business goals, intelligently allocate your resources, and maximize your return on investment.

The key to our success, and that of our customers, is the scope of our offerings, with solutions that address:

  • performance

  • reliability

  • appropriate redundancy of hardware and network infrastructure

  • protection of data from vandalism, theft, and accidental corruption

  • backup strategies

  • operational requirements

  • regulatory issues

  • customer staff resources

  • costs of implementation and support