Voyage Technologies

NexentaStor: Efficient, Economical, and
Easy to Use

Based on the ZFS file system, the NexentaStor operating system provides capabilities like snapshots, replication, and deduplication in an extremely powerful, affordable package. This is a new but proven solution that supports highly efficient protection and archiving of data without the cost and complication of tape and at a fraction of the cost of traditional high-end disk-based solutions.

NexentaStor reduces storage requirements for copies by only allocating space for new data; unchanged data is denoted with pointers to the original data. The system supports easy rollbacks to protect data in the event of a crash during upgrades, self-heals data as necessary, and identifies and corrects silent corruption on disks. It allows the expansion of file systems without interrupting operations, and supports mirroring, compression, dynamic striping and variable block size.

Other benefits of NexentaStor include:

  • Open system design allowing users to freely change vendors, access data using other ZFS file systems, and run the software on a range of storage server hardware or as a virtual machine.

  • Compatibility with a variety of disk technologies including local SCSI, SAS, SATA, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, Infiniband-based SAS solutions, and ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE).

  • Support for, and interoperability with a variety of protocols including CIFS, NFS, rsync and others.

  • Support for most virtualizations.

  • Ability to manage from industry standard consoles such as Nagios, IBM Tivoli, and HP OpenView and receive email notification when specified performance thresholds are reached.

  • Open source support for NexentaStor, which is built on the open source NexentaCore Platform.

  • Unlimited 248 snapshots, unlike legacy solutions, which are typically limited to 255 snapshots. This allows more frequent snapshots so that systems can be restored in a more timely manner. It also allow quantities of data sent over the network to be much smaller than daily updates, reducing the required size (and cost) of the network.

  • Unlimited file system size, unlike legacy solutions, which often limit files to relatively small sizes.

Scalability of NexentaStor at no additional licensing cost by simply adding hardware to increase available memory, CPU performance, or number of available targets.