Smart Consultants Delivering Smart Solutions

At Voyage Technologies, we work with customers to understand their operations and plans and configure IT solutions that fit budgets, sustain operations, and support their strategic goals. We are particularly proud of our partnership with Ian Sandler, author of The Pick Perspective: Systems Design and Applications Development and one of the developers of the PICK operating system. Ian has 40 years of experience in optimizing system performance, is a leading expert in systems integration and disaster recovery, and has helped companies like DHL, Reynolds & Reynolds, and ACS Inc. maximize performance and reliability. He is currently working on improvements to the already-impressive ZFS file system to further improve its capabilities, and is now available to consult with users of ZFS-based NexentaStor.

Ian works with users to tailor systems to the their specific IT environments and and organizational goals, to allocate resources for maximum return, and to ensure optimal performance from their systems. Voyage Technologies can then work with customers to fully and cost-effectively implement those recommendations, provide the training to make them effective, and support those systems to keep them productive.