Real Solutions from Voyage Technology

At Voyage Technologies, "solution" means more than hardware, software, and networks. It means understanding your business and presenting options that fit your goals, priorities, and resources. And it means support designed to prevent problems, not just fix things when they fail.

The biggest cost of IT isn't hardware or software; it's lost business and productivity when systems don't work the way they should. At Voyage Technologies, we design service offerings that align our interests with yours. Our relationships with leading manufacturers give customers the widest range of design options and access to leading edge technology. We use sophisticated IT management tools that, until recently, were only available to Fortune 500 companies. And our approach to service emphasizes prevention rather than cure and proactive management to minimize downtime.

Our onsite warehouse ensures fast equipment delivery and, if necessary, speedy replacements. Our server and desktop maintenance plans help keep equipment updated and performing to your expectations. And our data storage and backup capabilities provide data security, support business continuity, and fast disaster recovery to minimize costly downtime. For all these reasons, Voyage has attracted loyal customers ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.